Timothée Chalamet in François Ozon ? "We’re certainly going to meet very soon !"

François Ozon has heard the call of Timothy Chalamet ! In the margin of the press day of his new film, “Thanks be to God”, the filmmaker has agreed to give us his feeling on the appeal launched by the actor in the 20 Hours of TF1 last Sunday. Bestimage Timothée Chalamet, noticed in Call Me By Your Name, which earned him an Oscar nomination for best actor a year ago, has made the buzz last Sunday. When the actor franco-american and the new darling of Hollywood has launched on the plateau of the 20 Hours of TF1 that he’d like to turn with François Ozon , the sequence has been around the web, with an effect tenfold when François Ozon responded to him on Twitter ! Asked about the fact that he had not yet been approached by the French director, the actor of 23 years was answered smiling : “That would be great”. Then, facing the camera, “François Ozon, if you hear me !” I HEAR YOU @RealChalamet pic.twitter.com/ol9iYp0p3w — François Ozon (@francois_ozon) 3 February 2019 We met François Ozon yesterday for the promotion of his new feature film, Thanks to God, whose release date is set to February 20. We asked him how he had reacted to this call unexpected Timothée Chalamet on TF1 and the possible sequels : “I knew a little Timothée Chalamet through his films, and it is true that I was very touched that he claims to have a desire to work with me, so I answered him. We’re certainly going to meet very soon. After, what is it going to happen ? We don’t know !” We’re certainly going to meet very soon. After, what is it going to happen ? We don’t know ! And to add : “I find it very good to express his desire. It is always nice ! Usually, it’s the actors, the actresses that are desired. For once it is a filmmaker ! I’m always very flattered that an actor has to want to work with me. After that, it is necessary to find the right role, the right story. But it’s always nice to know that your work is recognized and that someone has the desire to participate in your universe.”

Had he already been answered in the positive to this type of call up a comedian ? We asked him the question : “I have to confess that I had often american actresses, especially after 8 women and Swimming Pool, which was big success in the United States. There are a lot of actresses that have arisen. After that, it is complicated because I run in French. Even if I manage in English, I am not completely bilingual. It is complicated, after finding the right project. There, which is fine with Timothée Chalamet, is that it is part French, and he speaks French. May be that things will be easier, we’ll see !”

Prolific filmmaker, always mysterious about his projects, we just asked if he knew what would be his next film. “Yes, I know the next film, which I won’t talk ! It will be different [Thanks to God]. It will be lighter. I need a little levity. It was a film experiencing emotionally, even to wear today, to go out. We feel that there is a lot of pressure.” I don’t have cravings blockbusters, things financial delusional Is there a genre that eludes him again ? “There are a lot of genres that I have not addressed, but this is not the kind that interests me at the start. What interests me, it is a story. After I try to find the right form to tell this story. Maybe one day a story will go with a science-fiction movie, a western, or I don’t know what. But I don’t have a particular wish for the moment. I don’t have cravings blockbusters, things financial delusional. This is not in my nature, and then, I think we can tell a story that’s very intimate, very simple, with very few actors and arrive at something universal. One of my filmmakers favorite, it’s Eric Rohmer, who made films with very few resources, and it is, however, one of the French filmmakers most well-known both in France and in the United States today. This is not the budget, it is not the money that is at stake, it is the universality of what it has to tell.” The trailer of Thanks to God, the new film from François Ozon : Thanks be to God trailer VF

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